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Welcome to URBANIQAB!

In dilemma choosing your daily attire?

Looking for simple yet stylish design but not too flashy, still decent & maintain modest look yet comfortable and at affordable price?

Want to practice sunnah, do good, look good & feel good at the same time? 

Fret not,  you have come to the right place to shop! 


Shop with us online ~ guilt free and stress free.  

Make the difference today by paying it forward to those in needs as 5%  proceeds of from your purchases will go to charity and causes like human rights, animal shelter, recycling and fundraising donations like Islamic Relief Malaysia ,Aman Palestine.


URBANIQAB showcase an array of sharia compliant garments from beautiful simple black abayas, elegant chic long dresses, soft chiffon high quality niqab (face veil) @ purdah to various colours and choices of hijabs, long scarves and pashmina,  hand socks, socks, hand gloves, inner head scarves and other accessories.

" Spoilt for choice. I'm having hard time to choose. "          -  Maisara


“The best Niqab ever. I 'm amazed with the fabric... So SOFT!Surprisingly, it's breathable & not sweaty! ”                    - Linda Ismail


+ Charity !

Urbaniqab Specials
Butterfly Niqab -RM 55
Jeddah Niqab - RM35
Ninja Niqab - RM28

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